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The Outlook Mail for Basecamp Plugin is a free Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows users to tag and group emails within Outlook to Basecamp projects.  The plugin also gives you the ability to save an email thread as a discussion in Basecamp.  Your original email is stored as the root message of the discussion and all subsequent replies or forwards are added to the discussion as comments. Any mail attachments are uploaded to the discussion along with the email text.


  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 or newer
  • Windows XP or newer


1. With the Work Bins Outlook Mail for Basecamp plugin installed you will have the option to attach emails to Basecamp projects.  You also have the option to "Post as Discussion" which will add the contents of the email and any future replies to Basecamp as a discussion.



2. A Work Bin and a Basecamp Project are the same thing. The dropdown list will show each active Basecamp project you have access to. (For the rest of this walkthrough we will be referring to projects as Work Bins)



3. Once you have selected a Work Bin and sent the email the Work Bin that was selected will be shown in your Sent Items.SentItems.png 

 NOTE: If the "WORK BIN" column header is not present in your inbox or sent items folders after you install the plugin, click here for instructions on adding it.

4. If someone replies to the original email, the reply will be placed in your inbox and remain associated with the Work Bin that you selected when you sent the original. This association is maintained by Work Bins for the life of the email.



5. Work Bins also adds a footer to each email showing the Work Bin that the email is associated to. Clicking on the Work Bin name will take you to the project by the same name in Basecamp.



6. As mentioned in number 1, Work Bins will post the contents of the original email to Basecamp as a discussion. Later any replies to the same email will be added as comments to that discussion.